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SIt was founded in 2007 in berlin which has now developed into a completely innovative and highly flexible way to work online for audio purposes. Soundcloud provides an access to all users through easy search just like YouTube which is also embed in web pages. It offers more than just this. Even if you are not linked with music, directly, there are a lot of ways you can be helped with Sound Cloud, let’s know.


Do you know why do we use SoundCloud to host our podcasts on our Next Web? Well, this does not only embed the podcasts at right places on the web, but also make them shareable. Just like you can implant any of the YouTube video on your site, you have an option to implant a podcast too. It helps increasing the traffic to the site.

Moreover, you will find social networks’ icons on the players so that you can set the link for Creative Commons so that the audience can find ease in the audio and can also share or download freely. SoundCloud offers such an amazing feature that lets you know how many listeners are listening to your audio at the moment through its stats package.

However, integration with podcast is still being improved. But if you want to get a SoundCloud host for podcast to iTunes and it is suggested that it will work better by using Word Press and Feedburner.

Get the music for your own videos

Do you have an experience of getting an audio from YouTube for your video and being penalized then for copyright issues? If yes, then you may be looking for a way to get an audio while not being stripped. SoundCloud has a wide assortment of licensee music in its library. Get the desired genre, duration and the tempo you want without bothering about penalty at web next because the web’s advance search allows you to avoid this trouble. You will be amazed by the superiority of the music you will get. However it comes with some Creative Commons terms and conditions just adhere to them.

Discover the veiled audio world

SoundCloud features an option for up loaders to mention their location. avails the benefits and also provides the benefits to up loaders as it allows them to explore many new sounds. What is being uploaded from London? How are those audios different from the ones originated in Helsinki or Chicago? You can get this website as an iPhone app as well to explore even more.

We have just brought the unseen above

There is a lot more to offer at SoundCloud, get up to 100 more apps in its App Gallery to get more idea to discover more about the music that collaborates and shares. We even value your audio and would love to try it as you sing up.


  • oundCloud being the most popular web audio services do not receive sufficient attention from the tech press. Just yesterday, SoundCloud unveiled a fact that around 100 third parties are there that are using its API, which compels us to make you see us in a variety of ways that can help you. It started off with a helping hand to the musicians who could share their arts and collaborated on the music.