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Small - 250 Followers + 3,000 Plays

Package is suitable for music artists, who just want to test-drive our promotion capabilities. Package turnaround is usually about 5 days.

Medium - 500 Followers + 6,000 Plays

Medium package is designated to fullfill the needs of average music artist, looking for additional recognition. Fast turnaround, about 7 days.

Large - 1,000 Followers + 12,000 Plays

Our biggest package is called "Large" and offers the biggest discount and most dedicated exposure on our network. Package turnaround is +10 days.

#1 Soundcloud Promotion Service

We run and manage over 30 Music Related webpages that receive Worldwide Traffic and enable us to provide the best Soundcloud Promotion services for you.

Music Network Status: Up Unique Visitors: + 150.000 Number of Websites: 34 Traffic: US, EU

Why Should I Do Promotion You Need Exposure And Recognition


With good execution, Soundcloud promotion can make you grow as an artist overnight, and increase your exposure dramatically. How to effectively promote on Soundcloud? Short answer, in three words: Create a following.

Do You Want Loads Of Traffic? Get New Listens, Fans, Followers And More

Soundcloud Promotion Statistics

There are many methods, some of them are very slow and gradual. But who likes waiting, right? We want to kickstart the process. We've looked at various services and decided that none of the existing ones do what a promotion platform should ideally be providing, so we came up with our own.

Fast Turnaround Campaigns Completitions In Less Than 5 Days

Package ID Followers And Plays Amount Turnaround
Small Pack 250 Followers + 3,000 Plays 5 Days
Medium Pack 500 Followers + 6,000 Plays 7 Days
Large Pack 1000 Followers + 12,000 Plays 10 Days

Once you get those first followers coming using one of our packages, you will see the magic of the Soundcloud promo snowball effect, the followers will keep increasing because they will like and share your stuff. To be sure, the speed by which your following will increase depends on your music.

Why Should I Do Soundcloud Promotion Get More Bookings, Sell More Music

Following is everything online. Seth Godin, the acclaimed marketing genius, uses the powerful word "tribe" to describe an online following. To be successful in the digital era, you want a tribe of your own. You need faithful followers, followers that value what you're doing.

Followers that share a similar taste. Followers that see themselves in you, and so they care about you. They are the ones who will do the automatic marketing for you, by spreading the word. They'll do it for free. They're your tribe.

OK, that's very vague, you will say. Let's get to specifics. How to create a following? There are two components to this. One is the creative - the quality of your production, the soul you put in your music. That's not what promotion can help you with. What it can do, is expose your art to the masses.

The problem artists face is that initial spark. The hardest is the first step - once you build some momentum, things start rolling on their own. But how do you ignite that initial spark that will create a small tribe for you?

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  • We own over 30 popular websites in the industry, which means we can direct massive traffic your way, traffic that will turn into followers. At 150.000 Unique Visitors you can hardly beat us at the Soundcloud promotion game.

    Soundcloud promotion involves more, yet we decided to focus on this single point to make it simple. In my experience, the main problem with people when it comes to expanding online is that they get stuck at the planning phase. But actually DOING something is what makes the difference between the winners and the losers.

    The competition is fierce. The number of artists on Soundcloud is mind-boggling. Stand out. Be unique. And create a tribe using our follower-building service.

  • Small Package

    Includes +250 music genre targeted Soundcloud followers and 3,000 plays in 5 days. Buy Now! - 30$
  • Medium Package

    Includes +500 music genre targeted Soundcloud followers and 6,000 plays in 7 days. Buy Now! - 50$
  • Large Package

    Includes 1,000 music genre targeted Soundcloud followers and 12,000 plays in 10 days. Buy Now! - 90$
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