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Package is suitable for music artists, who just want to test-drive our promotion capabilities. Package turnaround is usually about 5 days.

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Medium package is designated to fullfill the needs of average music artist, looking for additional recognition. Fast turnaround, about 7 days.

Large - 1,000 Followers + 12,000 Plays

Our biggest package is called "Large" and offers the biggest discount and most dedicated exposure on our network. Package turnaround is +10 days.

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If you've been contemplating spending your hard-earned cash on a Premium account, we might help you with that decision by providing you a 25% discount off the normal price. Go ahead and get your hands on a Soundcloud code right here before they expire.

Why Should I Upgrade? Benefits Of Having Premium Account

By now we're sure you've heard of some of the benefits that come with Premium accounts. In case you need a reminder, with a Premium or Pro account you'll be able to upload more music and have better embed options & analytics, which are very nice to have for an aspiring artist. Sure, extra uploading space is nice to have, but the greatest plus is having more analytics to work with. Knowledge is power, and getting that extra data about your audience gives you invaluable insight about how to grow and expand your gig. A Soundcloud discount code is an opportunity to access this wealth of resources for a bargain price.

Get Soundcloud Discount Code - 25% On All Package Upgrades

This is why we've decided to bring you fresh Soundcloud discount codes that cut the price on that amazing service you ought to have. If you're not convinced to upgrade yet, you don't need to worry. We'll make sure to keep bringing you fresh Soundcloud codes, not just in 2014. However, seeing how the price of a Premium account is just €29 a year, with a Soundcloud coupon code cutting that price by a quarter makes the deal a no brainer. Our humble advice is to just go for it. (What's 22€? An evening out in a bar with friends will probably cost you more! And that's just one day!)

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  • Below is a fresh, usable, Soundcloud coupon promo for 2014 you can use. All you need to do is copy the Soundcloud code provided below, and paste into to the code input box when upgrading your account.

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    After upgrading your account, be sure to browse our site to learn about promotional strategies you can use to increase the number of your followers.

  • Small Package

    Includes +250 music genre targeted Soundcloud followers and 3,000 plays in 5 days. Buy Now! - 30$
  • Medium Package

    Includes +500 music genre targeted Soundcloud followers and 6,000 plays in 7 days. Buy Now! - 50$
  • Large Package

    Includes +1,000 music genre targeted Soundcloud followers and 12,000 plays in 10 days.
  • * Payment process via Paypal