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With the passing time, I could see that Soundcloud is gradually gaining popularity. Artists had started embedding their music on review websites and other pages through Soundcloud and it had become an excellent way to share music on the social media. This was what motivated me to include SoundCloud into my promotional framework. Soundcloud had a growing and built-in community of music enthusiasts who loved discovering new and creative music via this amazing service.

In the end of last year, SoundCloud added a great function to their website. It was the repost function. It worked the same way as re-tweet on Twitter does. An artist posts a song on his page for his fans and his fans can in turn repost it to other people. For me this was a huge breakthrough and a great addition to how the website worked. Instead of a place merely where artists can upload and share their songs, it became a great place for the fans and the audience to gather, discover new music and share it with each other.

This repost addition was basically what changed my mind. Instead of just the usual listening podium, Soundcloud now has become another place where you can attract your new audience, something similar to YouTube.

Of course I still have a lot lesser fan following on Souncloud than YouTube because I’m relatively new to the Soundcloud business. The amazing thing is that in just a few days’ time of posting a video of mine, this upload on Soundcloud was getting more listeners than my YouTube video views. What could be the reason? Well, I figured it was mainly due to the addition of repost feature that I mentioned above. I may have had a few numbers of subscribers but the reposting option allowing for sharing it with others and spreading it further was the plus point.

The SoundCloud upload speed impressed me to a great extent. I uploaded another of my songs for a few days and it has already gone far than the number of listeners of my initially uploaded video. It had more reposts, lot more comments and a lot more listens. Every time I upload some new content I observe a few things:

I acquire more followers. More people hear about my newly uploaded content each time.

This also means more viewing for my older content. People come to check out my new tracks and they stumble over my older ones too. It is a great means of increasing sharing of old tracks and downloads of these songs.

SoundCloud is an amazing way to endorse you as a beginner artist. Share your music and let others share it as well for a great fan following in no time.


  • For a long time I was unclear about how to deal with SoundCloud. It looked like a really cool service and the interface was pretty attractive. However I did not want my fans downloading my music from this website. I’d rather preferred to have them download or listen to my music on my Bandcamp page.