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Small Package 250

Package is suitable for music artists, who just want to test-drive our promotion capabilities. Package turnaround is usually about 5 days.

Medium Package +500

Medium package is designated to fullfill the needs of average music artist, looking for additional recognition. Fast turnaround, about 7 days.

Large Package +1,000

Our biggest package is called "Large" and offers the biggest discount and most dedicated exposure on our network. Package turnaround is +10 days.

How To Get More Plays On Soundcloud

We run and manage over 30 Music Related webpages that receive Worldwide Traffic and enable us to provide the best Soundcloud Promotion services for you.

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Why Should You Buy Plays Your Soundcloud Music Needs Listeners


Our service is genuine, inexpensive (just signing in and self-promotion is free) and we're here to make you succeed in whatever you set yourself to with an elite team of developers and marketing engineers, that work hard and are ready to provide answers to all your questions about getting more followers and plays on SoundCloud.

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Soundcloud Promotion Statistics

As of late, the network of SoundCloud has greatly increased it's popularity and has become one of the most popular social networking sites similar to YouTube, with an exception of focusing on the music more. But mainly the focus of SoundCloud is to help promote new music of various genres, and making it globally known by everyone on the other social sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Why should you worry how to get plays on Soundcloud? People use it, not only to make an account and play their own tracks, but also as a vehicle of self-promotion and seeing what others are coming up with as well, thus getting better social interaction with other artists. On here, you are taught and guided, of how to promote your work better and how to get more plays on SoundCloud for basically for free, because the tiny donation you can give away is seriously only some pocket change.

But as far as promotion goes, it is a process that takes a lot of energy, devotion and time, that's where our followers and plays packages come in, to help you achieving the goals you set for yourself. So mainly, the purpose of it is to reach a bigger number of plays and followers on SoundCloud even when you're not online.

Fast Turnaround Campaigns Completitions In Less Than 5 Days

Package ID Number of Followers Turnaround
Small Pack 250 5 Days
Medium Pack 500 7 Days
Large Pack 1,000 10 Days

So, don't worry about having to spend too much (or even anything at all) it is a completely FREE site. The package choice is for the ones who take promotion seriously, and want success quicker and more intensely. We're here to give you a little push, that can easily help you get more followers and plays on Soundcloud, and on the sites of your choice –in consideration you provide the links to those.

How To Get Plays On SoundcloudOnce you get the snowball rolling, you're the winner!

There is a false outlook about this by some people thinking it's some sort of scam that only takes away your money. Of course, you will be confronted with negativity everywhere. It is the by-product of these times but really it doesn't help us get anywhere, and if you have a clear and an ambitious goal it is not an obstacle. Besides as far as all music and art is concerned the successful ones are all good marketers as well. So the more people to know about you and like you- it logically leads to better promotion, better success, and self-growth. Listening to un-succeful people's theories has never brought anyone, anything good.

People go into groups, and when they like something it has a tendency to spread like a virus! And that's exactly what we're aiming at o SoundCloud, therefore, that is no scam or whatever some bad-mouths might suggest, because promotion is here since the dawn of time, and it's the only thing that can make you better known globally by the people of the same music, or any other tastes.

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  • Small Package

    Includes +300 music genre targeted Soundcloud followers in 5 days. Buy Now! - 30$
  • Medium Package

    Includes +600 music genre targeted Soundcloud followers in 7 days. Buy Now! - 50$
  • Large Package

    Includes +12,000 music genre targeted Soundcloud followers in 10 days. Buy Now! - 90$
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